I am me and I blog with the truth fearlessly. This is who I am. I am me and that can never be changed. A blogger and an enabler. I am a fighter with a pen as a weapon powered by ideas. I speak my mind when others prefer being silent. I am Ryan Ericson Canlas.

I am a Capampangan. I came from the land who brought the nation great presidents, senators, justice secretaries, national heroes, evangelists and artists. I am proud not just because of being a Filipino but because I came from Pampanga and I am a proud Capampangan!

I am an advocate of knowledge and a technology enthusiast. Information Technology is my profession and my tool as well to bridge people and bring convenience to life and more time for each individual to spend more time on more important things in life.

In my writing and in my expression, I have created friends and even enemies. Some do hate how I am able to speak my mind so well but others find hope in my attempt to voice out for them. The Freedom of Expression is never absolute yet nothing can suppress the Truth!

I may be young and still lacks the experience that most scholars and elders of this nation has. I may not have topped every endeavor I have engaged myself into but I have lived a life and has been living a full life for others. I was never a coward in fighting for others.

I may not get the fame nor the likeness of many but I am happy for what I am and for what I have been doing. At the end of the day, it is not on achievements that you will be judged but on how many lives you have touched amidst the strong winds and heavy rains.

I am Ryan Ericson Canlas. A strong-willed blogger. A good son. A caring brother. A supportive father. A loving husband. A compassionate leader. A fearless fighter. A loyal friend.. and a true Filipino!