It was a long day indeed! I just arrived home and it’s half past two in the morning! I was expecting a little consolation for working so hard but only to find my wife and son sleeping like babies (It’s 2:30AM, remember?) and there was no food at the table except for a bowl of rice! Perfect!

I was so tired and hungry for skipping breakfast and lunch that I could eat an elephant but I had none. I sat at the living room thinking. We have apples, biscuits and chocolates but I am a rice-eating mammal! I wanted to lose weight but getting rid of rice is not one of the means to do it!

Same as when I was a kid, I would normally resort to soy sauce over rice or used cooking oil and salt over rice when I get hungry at night and there’s only rice available. At times, I would use plain sugar and even hot coffee over it. I can be creative and resourceful when in need.

Today, I took 2 raw eggs and mixed them with about 2 cups of rice plus salt. It’s as simple as that! You may call it gruesome, gross, distasteful, ewww and yuck but it tastes so well. Actually, I grew up with it. It’s called "ambulang ebun". Indeed, there are things in life that only you can appreciate.

I am sleepy. I am tired. I’m full. I am satisfied. True as it may seem, things that you have grown with will always give you comfort and completeness. With life’s complexity, going back to basic can recharge us. For me, simplicity merits happiness same as "ambulang ebun" just like the old days!