Jayme Navarro - Filipino Inventor

Jayme Navarro: Invented Fuel from Plastic Trash Bags

By The Filipino Achievers, July 24, 2010

Jayme Navarro’s Pyrolysis Technology converting Trash Plastics into less sulfuric Diesel, Gasoline, & LPG.

A commerce undergraduate, who have been passionately fascinated by the versatility of plastics, have continuously evolved his products over time.

He started off around 1970 when he started to recycle plastic scraps to make plastic twine, straws and sticks in Bacolod. Around 1983, when the plastic resin was in all time high, he experimented again and was able to produce liquid hydrocarbons, but, the project was not yet feasible at that time so he just recycled banker oil to get clean motor oil for two stroke motor engines. After 10 years, he then invented and recycled discarded batteries as the materials for plastic pipes for drainage.

But not until 2005 when his sister, encouraged him to try to find ways to recycle plastic bags and the likes to something useful… and he did.

jayme-navarroAfter intense developing, refining, and improving, last December 2007 during the trial run in Bacolod, Mr. Navarro finally found a great way to recycle plastic bags. He found the best process of converting reject plastic scattered on the streets like sando bag, garbage bags and styropors, into fuel.

Assorted plastics are first shredded into evenly sized pieces and are put into an agglomeration chamber. It then enters a feeding screw where it is melted and the polymers are mixed with a catalyst. The melted plastic goes to a specially designed pyrolysis chamber and depolymerization occurs, where hydrocarbon gases are being produced. It then passes through distillation, filtration and centrifuge. The light gases produced are then purified, compressed and stored. The process is done entirely inside a vacuum; hence no resultant chemicals are released into the environment.

5000 kilos of contaminated plastic can be converted to 400 liters of diesel and gasoline fuel oil. The machine was built in Bacolod but a bigger plant is in the process of finalization in Montalban where it can produce around 5,000 kilos of fuel per day, it is automated so it will only be needing 3 people to man it.

The process was a success that they brought it to DOE and DOST for analysis. It was tested and it is said to contain all the basic properties of fuel, and even has lower sulfur content. It is clean and environmental friendly. The invention was patented with intellectual property last November 2008.

His Company Poly-Green Technology and Resources Inc., will soon put-up some facilities in Rizal Province and other surrounding Manila Provinces with the coordination of the local government units.