My wife got a big surprise today. My boss from Ireland has sent her flowers. I was surprised as well. For the past months, I have been working late because of a pilot project that we had to push so hard for its aggressive timeline. As a result, I have been skipping dinners with my wife and son and often it would include breakfast and weekends too. I work a lot because the team I am working with works harder.

Trying to reach out, my boss has shown his way of how to motivate people and stress the fact that managers are not just concerned about delivery but they care too about the welfare of their down-lines. Prior to this, he gave me a free dinner with my family and mother-in-law because I missed one due to a call that I had to take while having a family dine-out. Well, most of my colleagues are working long hours as well.

Although I do not expect such gesture to happen every time I do extra effort at work, I greatly appreciate the act and I am indeed happy to have a boss who cares. People Management is not just about pushing people to their limits to deliver. It comes with the responsibility of growing individuals. I have had good bosses in the past or I may say that all of my past bosses were good but I think that things get better by time.

Thanks Boss!