I was checking updates on my Facebook account just minutes ago when I came across a controversial photo posted way back. I don’t want to judge but I think there’s nothing wrong with it! Taking malice away, getting a photo with another guy is okay!

As they say…

Kapag ba lalake ang kayakap, bading na agad? Di ba pwedeng silahis muna?

Whatever the truth behind the controversy, I believe that there is nothing wrong with someone being gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transvestite. Besides, if Rustom Padilla can do it, then there is nothing wrong if Piolo Pascual take the same path!

By the way, I don’t mean to break the story but the photo above is said to be edited. You can check the photo below and compare. Note how weird Erik Santos’ left arm is and check his 6 fingers too at his right! Thanks to my fellow PEXers!


Moral of the story? Never judge a person based on what you hear and see in talkshows or even on the internet. In real life, do not judge people on mere hearsay. Just mind your own business not like show business!

So tomorrow when you wake up and you suddenly hear again on news programs or talkshows that Piolo Pascual is gay, it should be perfectly okay! Besides, being gay means being happy! Cheers!