I was checking online since last night for a good business school where I could take my MBA. I initially got my eyes onto Ateneo Graduate School of Business and University of the Philippines until I decided to call Asian Institute of Management to inquire. Now, I am making a chart to compare all options.

With Ateneo Regis Program, I have to pay almost P20,000 per subject which gives the MBA program a price tag of P500,000 more or less for 15-30 months. For UP’s MBA, I was not able to check but I am sure that it is cheaper than the rest and also the farthest from work.

For AIM’s Executive MBA program, the regular program is priced at P700,000 for 18 months while the evening class is priced at P800,000 lasting to 21 months. I was actually expecting 7-digit figure for AIM but an average of P40,000 a month is not that bad if your aim is prestige and higher level of excellence.

I really wanted to work hard for an MBA degree but I am quite unsure if I can afford it. I am not even sure if I could get a sponsorship or a scholarship considering the number of people who are also in the same situation. Well, I can use our savings to fund it but getting a house or a new car would be more practical for now.

Anyway, I am still thinking. Who knows I could hit the lotto jackpot tonight… if I place a bet today! There is nothing wrong with dreaming big since some of them might happen anyway. I had most of my dreams turn into reality and so I really have a strong faith in myself and with God with regards to making things happen.

It’s just a matter of time though. I know that I can have that MBA suffix in my name soon along with PMP! I just need to work harder and perhaps save more money. The MBA programs are soon to start early next year for those 3 schools mentioned. I have to think a lot and make a decision soon. Time is gold! I have to make this dream a reality!