I was searching the BlackBerry App World this morning for a good mobile application that I could install just to add yet another reason why I should keep my BlackBerry Torch when I found one called “Bible”.

Well, I actually clicked next upon seeing it but something came to me that made me click the back button and install the mobile application. It must have been my religious background or perhaps guilt.

I paused for awhile as the software is being installed. The last time I read the Bible was in high school and that was more than a decade ago. The last time I went to a church was a month ago. I attended a wedding.

I live less than 50 steps from the church in our area. It’s just across the street in front of our building! Nonetheless, the last time I went to mass was a year ago or more though I pray before I sleep every night.

I realized that perhaps it was the Holy Spirit wanting me to get my Faith back into good shape. God used my love for technology and reading to put me back onto the right path as a Christian. Perhaps, it’s a sign!

If I can spend so much time exploring tech gadgets and walking the entire stretch of Gilmore Street, V-Mall and SM Cyberzone to window-shop for computer stuffs, I can surely allot an hour or more every Sunday for the Holy Mass.

With just a click of a button on my mobile phone which is always in my pocket and without even having to physically carry the actual hardcopy with me, I have no reason at all why I should not read the bestselling book of all time…

The Bible!