Today is my Lucky Day!I was looking for a good date to officially start my new engagement and after spending time online; I found out that November 8, 2011 is indeed a lucky date to kick-off new things. Well, I am quite into superstitious stuffs so I always associate things with the moon, the starts and the planets. Hahaha.

Well, the day proves to be lucky for me because I have met wonderful people and I have had nice conversation as well regarding future opportunities. It was funny though that after 2 long years, I have seen a friend and a former colleague. I was abroad when the person left our company and since then, we didn’t talk.

Right now, I just reached home after a struggle with the heavy traffic. After work, I was too tired for a cup of coffee so I decided to just head home directly for dinner and early sleep. I am planning to go to bed at 9PM today to break a new record. I always sleep 4AM so I am hoping that in the days to come, this will change too.

Overall, I am happy. It seems that the prediction that today will be a lucky day for me is definitely true. Nonetheless, I expect that all days starting today will be the same. Right now, I am looking forward to a nice dinner with my wife and son. I have more time now with them which is what makes me even luckier! Thanks!