Frozen LakeI am happy right now. I have a very good future ahead of me. I have a good career, a happy marriage and a wonderful child. Having said so, I am weighing things now onto whether to stay in the Philippines, enjoy the growth that I am having as an individual or venture in a foreign land and start all over again from scratch.

Nowadays, it seems that you are deemed successful when people get to see you living abroad regardless of your job, your living status and your personal growth as a person. Seeing photos of someone with snow in the background keeps us all wishing we were in their place. Often, we would sacrifice everything just to see snow.

I was fortunate to have been given the chance to see much of the world prior and I have seen the struggle of being a 2nd class citizen. It’s hard. I want my wife and son to experience life abroad too but I have always dream of growing my family in the land where I was born. Except for bad politics and corruption, I love the Philippines.

Second Class CitizenWell, it’s true that you can buy a house, a car and have good clothes in a short span of time living abroad that you cannot do in the Philippines even if you work day and night until retirement. But then again, happiness and satisfaction is relative. More so, if you can do the same in the Philippines, what’s all the need?

Anyway, I cannot decide overnight. My exploration around the world is still ongoing and perhaps soon enough I would be able to decide whether to relocate or not. As I said, I have a very good future ahead of me right now and I am sure that I cannot set that aside right now to drive a truck or wash dishes just to see snow!

I do not intend to offend people but I think that the measurement of one’s success is not about being able to live abroad per se but being able to live a decent life where you are given equal opportunity to practice your profession and grow yourself further. As for me, I might relocate with the family but we’re not in a hurry right now!

Besides, only fools rush in!