I was having a serious talk with my son recently when I asked him whether he will take care of us when we’re too old already to provide for him. Well, he instantly narrated his plans for us. I asked him if he intends to let us live with him supposed that his wife would not be open to the idea of having old people live with them. Well, he told me that his wife could always leave the house and he won’t even care.

I laugh for awhile but then I realized that my son was indeed serious. He has always been consistent when it comes to taking care of us. I still call him “my baby” though and it seems that treating him as one has made him so attached to us as our child amidst adolescence. Alongside, we are teaching him independence but still, I would want him to grow old knowing that he’s our baby and we are mom and dad!

I Love My ParentsYou reap what you sow. From birth, we have reared our son to have a strong bond with us. Besides, he is our one and only child and we have nothing in this life but our son as our trophy. Although I will not require him to compromise his personal happiness just to take care of us when we age, I was more than happy to hear that at a young age, he was firm on his belief that blood is thicker than water.

How many children nowadays who would finish school because of their parents sacrifices and hard work yet they do not even think of getting back to their parents to assist them in their needs. There are individuals who would eventually get good jobs in good companies and afford the best things in life yet they have parents who are still working like bees supporting their remaining children who are still in school.

As a first born, I have my own shortcomings but I have always shared my blessings with my parents. My siblings grew up the same as my son did. They all have high regards to parents. I have a sister though married has always been supportive to my parents’ needs. She has been supporting the schooling of my other siblings too while other people would rather think about securing their future by having huge savings.

I am not able to do the same deed as my sister but I know that given the chance and resources, I would do the same. The point here is not to put emphasis on my action or that of my sister or my son’s. I want to express my concern with regards to kids growing up and forgetting where they came from. I want to make sure that someday, there would always be kids going back to their parents to take care of them.

I believe that a successful individual knows how to go back to his roots. Regardless of your title and degree or whether you are the best doctor in town, the top lawyer of the country or the highest politician of the land, you are nothing if not for your parents. You are nothing if you do not know how to take care of your own. Although parents will not require you to do so, you have to love and take care of them!

Amidst age, remember mom and dad!