Goal Setting

Why would I waste my time trying to save a lot so I could show off to others that I am indeed a successful person? Why would I go back again to school and put too much stress on my brain memorizing new lessons just so I could get another degree or put an extra suffix on my name? Why would subject myself to too much politics just so I could climb myself up the corporate ladder and becomes the ultimate boss? Why?

Well, many of us get the drive to do things not to advance ourselves in terms of personal growth but to prove to others how good we are. We often find ourselves enduring all the tests of time not because we want to but because we want to show others that we can. It’s funny but it’s true. We are driven by the fact that the more we can show off, the more people will get to realize how successful we are.

Having spent almost 2 decades in school, I am wondering why I still get to feel the push to enter the university once again so I could brag a master’s degree. It took me so many years longing for the day that I would finally graduate so I could start working and enjoying life. Now that I am done with all the homework, projects and waking up early for school, I am once again trying to take graduate studies.

SuccessI am almost halfway the race but because I wanted to show others that I am too fast for the run, I am taking another lap just to show-off that I can outshine others. Well, this may be true for all of us. I have been thinking lately why people get to feel this way. It may be their thirst for success or just plain boastfulness. For me, I am doing all these because I want to grow as a person. No more. No less!

I want to have an MBA degree because I want to be a top manager someday. I want to go back to school not just for the degree but also to expand my professional network and further enhance my business skills since I need it in my job. I subjected myself to extreme stress and politics because I want to train myself not to quit in difficult times. Climbing up is not easy so I need to have all the training I can get.

I have not switched career since I realized my passion for computers. For almost 15 years since college, I have been doing programming, system administration, networking and project management. I have been practicing the same craft for more than a decade now. It is not just about having a good name and a good reputation for me but it’s all about maximizing life and growing towards who I wanted to be.

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