Gadhafi is Dead!!!

Just minutes ago, I saw an Al Jazeera footage of the dead Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi being kicked and punched by Libyan rebels in Misrata. I am not just so sure if he was already dead or was dying when the video of him being mauled on the street was taken. Although I want the war in Libya end, I am not in favor of violence and even the desecration of someone’s body. 

LIBYA-CONFLICT-KADHAFIIt was alleged that the late strongman was killed when a NATO airstrike hit his convoy. He was later found hiding in a ditch badly wounded and was then shot in both legs. A separate video shows that rebels were taking him alive in a vehicle while others were throwing punches and kicks. Contrary to reports earlier by NTC that he was taken well and alive in an ambulance but died shortly due to his injury on his way to a hospital to Misrata, Muammar Gaddafi seem to have sustained a gunshot wound in the head and some other injuries insisting that he was deliberately killed on the way to Misrata. Justice served as they say!

As the footage shows, his body was laid on the street of Misrata stripped of his usual military uniform and being extremely kicked, humiliated and abused by rejoicing NTC rebels and residents. I guess that Saddam Hussein was rather lucky to have been imprisoned, brought to court and executed by hanging than what Muammar Gaddafi suffered. This will be a horrifying example to dictators around the world.

I just hope that since he is now gone that NTC will be able to put democracy in Libya and move on.  We have had enough violence and war. I hope that NATO will once and for all stop their military operation in Libya and let the people live peacefully. At the end of the day, the mission is now achieved – regime change and the death of Muammar Gaddafi. Let’s now give peace a chance! Thank you!

See video footage from Al Jazeera…