As I was preparing some documents for visa processing, I got curious about my level of proficiency with regards to the English language. Since I will be taking the International English Language Testing System or commonly known as IELTS, I thought I would check some free sample exams online just to check my level.

So I clicked this link – IELTS FREE LEVEL TEST and answered 15 sample test questions. Since it’s a free online practical test to gauge you quickly on what level you are with regards to your language proficiency with English, it’s just a preview of what a typical exam looks like. I would assume that the actual exam would be harder.

The exam is quite short so I completed it quickly and got a C2 Advanced Level rating. It made me laugh for awhile but I guess the actual exam would be quite difficult since it would cover more items and will cover listening, reading, writing and speaking the language. Nonetheless, I’m happy to know that I’m still good at English!

Anyway, you can try as well. Take the IELTS FREE LEVEL TEST now! Click HERE!

IELTS Comparison