iPhone 4S

October 4, 2011. Apple just unveiled yet another revolutionary iPhone product but it’s not iPhone 5 as rumored and very much expected by the world. It’s called iPhone 4S instead! Well, Apple stocks went down and so many people got disappointed just because they were expecting the “5” as a suffix and not the “4S”. Amidst this, I smell yet another success for Apple! It’s the most amazing iPhone yet!

Steve Jobs - Apple Co-FounderI guess, if I were to change the name to iPhone 5 even if I retain all the new features of the iPhone 4S, people will be happier thinking they have a totally new product. Nonetheless, I think that iPhone 4S exceeds my expectation of what would it be for iPhone 5 less the changes in appearance. iPhone 4S is the fifth generation of iPhone retaining the exterior design of the iPhone 4 but it’s insanely greater inside!

But then again, the question is – what’s with the name? I guess, I have to answer it myself! Well, it might be coincidence but I think that the meaning of iPhone 4S is iPhone 4 Steve! Indeed, it is the latest product dedicated to Steve Jobs. Perhaps, it is the completion of Steve Jobs list of functionalities supposed to be incorporated with the iPhone. Thus… iPhone 4S!

iPhone 4S


Below is the official review video of the iPhone 4S showcasing new features!