UnfriendFacebook is somehow annoying sometimes. Well, I blame the people behind the accounts but I guess that social networking sites have created a divide more than unity. These days, we see people fighting over because someone “unfriended” another or that another person is blocking another an access to a photo album.

It may sound petty but indeed, these acts are somehow provocative because we are already used to associating our relationship with people based on our relationship in social networks. If we like someone, we give them full access while people we hate are restricted via strict privacy settings. It’s funny and immature but it happens!

I am quite wondering as well why we are so attached to our keyboards and computers that we rather express our feelings through social networking sites than talking to people face to face. I never had friends who clicked “unfriend” to block me off but I knew someone who would often change privacy settings for unknown motives.

One day you have full access to information, the next day you are blocked on seeing other details for no reason at all! Well, we are all entitled to do that anyway but I just hope that people will get to speak more rather than putting their expressions to social networking sites. It does not make sense at all! It’s immature and so plastic in form.

We all have our own way of using social networking sites. Some people get to convince themselves by trying to post shouts contrary to their state. Some people who wanted to seek attention put suspense in their status messages. There are others who would showcase their achievements by posting brags. It’s their style!

Anyway, I just hope that as Facebook or any other social networking site becomes famous and so much attached to our daily expression and communication, people using the said technology get to reach the level of maturity that would let such innovations bridge relationships rather than annoy and break-up ties.

Just speaking my mind!