Empire Hotel Subang - Malaysia  Empire Hotel Subang - Malaysia

Empire Hotel Subang - MalaysiaJust minutes ago, I got a message from my friend, Sansan Tagarino via BlackBerry informing me that the new Empire Shopping Gallery linked to the Empire Hotel in Subang has been extensively damaged due to a loud explosion early this morning. She got the news from her dad who lives in an apartment just a few steps away from the scene. I was shocked so I immediately went online!

It was noted that at 3:40 AM today, people heard a loud blast which allegedly caused extensive damage to the newly-built hotel and shopping mall in Selangor, Malaysia. It even shook the apartment building besides it where my friend’s dad lives. I initially thought it was a terrorist attack so I contacted friends in Malaysia living near the place. More so, I read similar tweets about the incident.

Empire Shopping Gallery - Aerial ViewI tried using Google to get more information but it seems that official news were coming slow. Perhaps, the police are still conducting their investigations. Using Twitter, I read a few tweets about #EmpireGallery and it seems that the explosion was at the left wing of the said establishment and some people having first-hand visuals described the damage as extensive as if the place is “under construction” again.

Empire Shopping Gallery - Front DamageThe Police blocked the road for safety. Some say that it was a gas leak while some used the word – bomb. I read some tweets saying that it was an alleged cover to rob a bank within the vicinity. All these are mere allegations. I have yet to read an official news about this but I was able to obtain photos from fellow bloggers and people on Twitter who provided timely update of the incident. Due credits are given to them.

Empire Shopping Gallery - Front DamageAnyway, I learned that 4 people were injured and 300 were evacuated. I do hope that none of the staff and guests was seriously hurt in the said explosion. The Empire Shopping Gallery and Empire Hotel Subang is one of my favorite places to stay in Malaysia and I have been there many times. I pray that all will be fine. The meantime, let’s all be safe and let’s pray for others to be safe as well! Thank you and good morning to all of you out there!