SAP AG Headquarters - Photo From Wikipedia

It was almost 10 years ago when I first heard about SAP from my college professor who asked me to research more about ERP. He was then the head of an organization in the region for manufacturers. He was into furniture-making and he was interested in automation, process integration and improvements using Information Technology. Since, I was known then as an enthusiast for computers and programming, he tagged me along for regular exchange of thoughts.

Soon after, I would find myself exposed to ERP solutions especially SAP. Amidst the feedbacks from software architects and system administrators who are more into non-SAP products criticizing SAP’s complexities and closed-system, I do not see myself moving away from it as my chosen technology in terms of profession because I still believe that SAP is not just the best ERP system in the planet but it is also offers the best and most rewarding job for an IT professional. This is based on my own belief though. Coming from the famous tagline that best-run businesses run SAP, I can say that best-run careers are SAP careers! Well, I love my job!