Speaking One's Mind© 2011I have always wanted to win the lottery and be an instant millionaire. Thus, I always see to it that I get to place a bet whenever I get to pass a lotto betting outlet.

I have always been betting with the same number combinations for almost a decade now. I have spent quite a lot but I have not won a single penny ever since!

Today, I found out why. I just found all my lotto stubs in one of my boxes and some in my wallet. It seems, I just place bets. That’s all! I do not even check the results.

So today, I am thinking of getting all the lotto results for the past year and do a counter-checking of all my bets. Hahaha! It will take time but I don’t mind! There is no harm in trying, right? Who knows! I’m already a millionaire after today! Hahaha! How I wish!