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Today, I was very much impressed by my son. I was initially annoyed for the past few days with him getting so busy cutting paper patterns and pasting them after. He told me it’s PEPAKURA. Whatever.

He would often go to National Bookstore or Ace Hardware after his piano class to buy paper, glue and body filler. He would save from his daily allowance just so he could buy lots of materials to work with.

Well, I am into arts and crafts but my son puts more time to whatever he likes doing. More so, he works alone. In as much as I wanted to help him finish his craft fast, he would always say no.

Speaking One's Mind© 2011 Speaking One's Mind© 2011 Speaking One's Mind© 2011

So today, I was so much impressed after seeing his work nearing completion. It’s a helmet pattered with Halo characters. He’s done with it and he’s about to apply body filler prior to painting it.

He is also now unfolding some 3D models online for printing as he wanted to create body armor and weapons so he could perhaps join the next CosPlay or simply costume play which is popular among kids.

I’m happy that he has the right skills and patience as well as the good attitude in terms of engaging himself into something complex and yet produce good results. It’s a good start indeed.

Although I am supportive of his hobbies from collecting action figures – Bionicle, Lego, Halo, Star Wars, Beyblade to swimming, piano, dancing, basketball and paper craft, I would still want him to focus on studies.

Nonetheless, I am so much proud of him that amidst having so much hobbies, he is still among the few who tops his class. The only thing that he skips doing now is to give his Big Daddy a long hug! He’s so busy!