Speaking One's Mind © 2011I was so tired from work just quite recently being in a middle of implementing a global standardization project in Malaysia when I happen to have come across a good poster placed inside the toilet. Well, the thing written on it put a huge impact on me that day. But then again, I asked myself – Why place such a thing in a toilet?

Anyway, we were having issues that time that entails making a decision whether to push forward with our rollout or simply quit and rollback as what our solutions architect from Dell recommends. It was a touch situation because quitting is not me. We had technical challenges before and we have never resorted to rollbacks.

I decided to move forward and finish the job. As what Pontius Pilate did after making a tough decision, I  headed directly to the toilet to wash my hands, find a little silence, reflect and do recalculations. It’s funny but it was the best place at that time to think. No wonder why they call it the “Comfort Room”!

Speaking One's Mind © 2011Going back to my question why the company placed motivational posters in toilets, I would say that I now know the answer. I believe that the company put real effort and time thinking about placing such materials in common places such as toilets because it is where they will be read with less distractions. It’s true. It is not just in Malaysia that I have seen this but also in Singapore when I was doing the same rollout.

Well, I realized that whenever we feel something bad at the office, we often would head either towards the toilet to think things over, cry (maybe), look ourselves in the mirror or just stand there for a moment and think. While others would run outside for a smoke or coffee, I think most would run for comfort at the comfort room!

Speaking One's Mind © 2011When I went to the toilet that time, my mind was blank so the poster got my attention quickly. After reading it, I got an instant boost. It convinced me more that I have taken the right decision to move forward rather than stop and rollback. It made me stand firm in the midst of opposing views of the few, the bad and the ugly! Indeed, you can do it if you think that you can! As a result, the project went live and it was a success!

It may be funny but at times, a simple poster could indeed motivate someone who is in distress and needs a push. God has his way of giving everyone a pat in their shoulders. It’s amazing! Indeed, you can always find motivation and comfort even at the places you least expected… even at the comfort room!