Growing People2 years ago, a company offered me a managerial job with a lucrative compensation and benefits that I thought I would have to take until another job came into my front door with almost exactly the same offer except that it would entail a lot of travel around the world. I was enticed by the latter.

Today, if I have taken the first offer two years ago, it could have strengthen my foothold onto the technology where I am most likely to be inclined with which is SAP. If I have taken the job right away, I could have put more years on my role as a senior manager to make me a guru right now. I could have coached and grown people like me.

Nonetheless, I took the latter because I wanted to further be in the global side. My mentor informed me that being able to travel around the globe and do a global standardization project would further boost my competitiveness as a global professional. Besides, my exposure to other culture will indeed put my value high!

Well, two years after, I may say that I am not so much convinced. Although the trend right now is onto global standardization of infrastructure, business solutions and business process, I still see SAP as a more valuable area of expertise. More than that, I see myself being passionate more onto people management than going back.

Grow PeopleThe 2 years that I could have used to coach people, direct initiatives, push innovations and handle more high-level responsibilities could have accelerated my professional growth. But then again, I have done the same in the job that I have chosen except that there were limitations because I was dealing with foreign counterparts.

Although I do not have regrets on the decisions I have taken because I always stand firm on whatever steps I take, I feel that I could have done more if I were wiser enough. But maybe I have already done a lot. I have travelled to almost all places I wanted to be at and I have successfully managed a global project.

So I’m taking a shift back soon to focus myself onto taking higher roles. I’ve taken all the steps from the bottom of the ladder and up. I believe that it’s time to take leadership positions more than staying on the technical side. In that way, I could do more for the company and for the industry by having the chance to plant ideas and…

a chance to grow people.