Osama Bin LadenAs of today, we have been hearing so many news reports that Osama Bin Laden has been killed finally by US covert ops in Pakistan inside his mansion along with 3 others which includes his son.

It was mentioned that he was shot in the head as he was resisting arrest along with his son and 2 other companions.  It was also noted that a woman used as human shield by the terror leader was also shot.

Well, we have heard so much about this man being killed for the past 10 years since the 911 attack. All the while we were told that he has long been dead or that if he was alive, he will definitely be in a cave outside Pakistan or Afghanistan but he was found instead in a tourist area.

I have watched the actual announcement of President Barack Obama just before lunch here in Manila about the death of USA’s Public Enemy No. 1. It was indeed a victory for those who believe in peace and this is indeed justice for all victims of terrorism. I appreciate the effort but I hope that this would indeed put an end to terrorism.

Osama Bin Laden CompoundSo far, it has been said that the US has custody of the terrorist’s remains. No photo is available to prove this. More so, CNN and BBC just announced that his body has been buried already in observance to Islamic tradition. Some say that all the while, the US government knows where the man was hiding. They could have gotten him a long time ago but perhaps today was the politically perfect time to put him down.

So now while every US citizen are celebrating outside, we are expecting at the least that the US government will release photos of him just to prove that his death is real and not a mere media campaign to divert issues away from the bombing in Libya that killed the dictator’s son and grandchildren.

We are all equally happy about this news but we want to also end all other violence around the world. We want to put a stop to all the offensives – be it from the alliance or from rebels or terrorists. We need to give peace a chance and make this world a better and safer place to live in for us and for our children’s children.

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