mug-social-climberI just spent a few minutes checking for updates on my Facebook while preparing breakfast and I got bored for the first time. I noticed that this has been a routine already not just for me but perhaps for most of you. It seems like reading dailies these days is not as fun as checking Twitter updates and Facebook shouts.

One thing I noticed too was that most status messages are not made to express but to impress others. People even put a lot of element of suspense in every status message they post just to attract attention and keep people guessing. Well, if it makes them happy, it’s fine. For me, I find it a little weird and maybe funny too.

Social networks are meant to bridge people regardless of color, beliefs and location. It is a good tool to keep friends and families together… virtually. Nonetheless, some finds it as a good venue to fame. It is the best place to show one’s stature in life. Maybe we are indeed in an era of extreme clamor for attention and gratification.

Social ClimberAnyway, it’s the social climbers’ business and not mine so I will just let things be. It is just sad that this Facebook thingy has become an effective tool to show-off. Some even use it to even judge people be it on the way you write and comment, the kind of photos you post or the number of friends you have.

I have heard couples breaking up because of social networks. There are even people being kidnapped due to too much bragging on their wall posts or even ladies getting raped due to sexy photos they publish online. Some are even beaten up or ending up dead because of Facebook.

I cannot blame the technology but I do blame the people using it. We all are abusive because we all have the tendency to overdo things and get into addiction. We need to change. If we do not put caution and even a little modesty on how we use technology, it will hit us back really hard. Just sharing.