I have been watching news from CNN for almost every day now since the protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria and with Libya. Although I have mentioned in my prior post that I have no problems with people expressing their sentiments on the streets especially if it is about freedom and democracy. It is just the same as what I am doing right now speaking my mind using blogging. No issues.

The only problem with all of these is when protests becomes violent that people starts to take up arms to express their political opinions and principles. We can say that perhaps violence was triggered when their governments started dispersing them violently. Some may alleged that some goverments even hired thugs to cause anarchy and chaos so as to push the situation further into the international limelight.

I am not trying to take sides with any of the dictators being protested by the people. What I am worried about is that perhaps some bad elements are using the situation to stir up chaos without them being implicated as all blame goes to the government. When people are allegedly being shot by snipers, how can we verify if the perpetrators were indeed from the government or from other parties?

It is quite hard to judge. What worries me most is that the United Nations is taking sides with the rebels rather than taking a neutral position and pushing for diplomatic solutions to the problem. Instead, they have provided air support for rebel offenses rather than just focusing on protecting the lives of the civilians. The rebels in return attacks Pro-Government areas where Pro-Government civilians are harmed.

I am also deeply saddened by the move of the NATO by the influence of Britain, France and USA in arming the rebels when we do not know clearly if these rebels were purely civilians trying to fight oppression from the regime and hoping to liberate the people or they are just trying to take the opportunity to push their fight be it to put down a government or spread chaos. We do not know.

The best way here is to put a stop to both sides in their fight. We need to let all parties be in one table to discuss and resolve things amicably. We as civilized nations should not sponsor war of any sorts. It took a lot of money and time for Libya to buy armaments, put up infrastructures and build bridges that NATO is trying to blow up! For me, there is no justification in destroying a nation.

If for some reason that rebels get to influence people to put up a mass protests, will America for example not do the same in protecting the government and nation from chaos? What if these rebels start arming themselves and push to attack the White House, will America tolerate such act? What if NATO suddenly attacks all of America’s defenses, will America just sit down and let things happen? I don’t think so.

The solution to all these is a diplomatic dialogue with all parties concerned. The solution to all political unrests is not airstrikes and attacks but genuine reforms. People needs livelihood and equal opportunity. We all need positive changes and we cannot just demand all these without helping one another. If everything is acquired out of force, this will become a habit. There will always be unrests and chaos.