I am advocate of freedom and democracy. I have seen several people power and I have shared the same sentiments with people especially when oppressed. Nonetheless, I also think that each sovereign nation should have the freedom to settle its internal affairs without the influence of other countries especially those known for instigating wars similar to what we have seen in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

I want the people to have their voices and to have their choices. I want the people to enjoy freedom the same as what we are enjoying in a democratic country such as the Philippines. Nonetheless, I do not want to see a nation destroyed by missile attacks and bombardments. We cannot correct a wrong by another wrongdoing. We cannot just go to a country and throw missiles just to put peace in place.

Though the goal is always humanitarian and to protect the people, the use of bullets and missiles that kills people may they be soldiers or civilians is just the same as the enemy firing over peaceful protesters. The soldiers also have their families. They do what they have to do because it is their mandate and their job to do so. It’s the same as the NATO pilots tasked to fire onto enemies. They just need to do their job.

I condemn the war in Libya. I am not against nations helping fellow nations. I am against violence of all types. You cannot force change. A classmate and a friend once told me about his father’s opinion over protests and wars out of politics. He’s paralyzed but he was able to utter the lines saying that one cannot change the course of a ship midstream. True indeed. Anyway, he is a retired state prosecutor.

All the countries behind the attacks should reconsider resorting to diplomatic means instead. Same as what Russia and China advised, the world should address issues peacefully and as  civilized as possible without resorting to arms. If we see a bully in school, do we gang up on him just to teach him a lesson or do we counsel him and put more attention on him until he changes his ways?

If the rebel groups in the Philippines decided to attack Manila or other cities for such reason such as the allegations of extra-judicial killings and corruptions, will it be okay for us if other countries will get to support them and start to bomb our military bases and other army installations? Will it be okay for us if these countries will start arming the rebels such as those known for terrorisms?

I know that my example may not be comparable to the issues in Vietnam, Iraq,  Afghanistan and Libya but I think that the use of force to install peace is so ironic. If the goal of everyone is to liberate people, then why did we not see a war with North Korea or with Iran? How about Somalia? We need to let a nation solve its own problems and we need to respect their sovereignty as well.

This is just my own opinion. That’s all! So let’s end the war now and let’s give peace a chance!