Just awhile ago, I got myself a new backpack for my laptop, camera and all other gadgets vital for me as I travel. I was contemplating onto buying something from Samsonite or Lowepro due to being a brand-conscious buyer but I settled with Case Logic instead. It’s a bit pricey at P5,999.75 but it seems to be worth it.

DSC_0421Come to think of it, all known brands sell almost the same type of bag for almost the same price range so my decision is not about price but functionality. Lowepro has the same model but it is less appealing as the SLRC206. It’s also a known DSLR bag so it is more tempting to the few bad tomatoes out there.

The bag has a Waterproof Base so you can place it anywhere standing without having to worry about the base getting wet. It also has a proprietary feature called Hammock Suspension System which stores the camera inside suspended as the name implies. By doing so, you can be on the go and move any way you want with less worry. It has enough pockets to hold other stuffs as well.


It also has a memory foam so that it takes the form of the camera once stuffed inside it so the equipment fits perfectly. It has 9 + 1 compartments for camera and lenses and other peripherals which is protected with foam that also acts as a movable divider. It has another compartment for a 15-16” PC or even a 17” MacBook Pro.

So far, it’s a nice and fully-functional bag. It even has a strap to hold my tripod so I was more than impressed. The model that comes from Lowepro has none nor the one from Samsonite. Overall, it is a laptop bag that is also a camera bag that is mobile, functional and easy to carry around especially when travelling to many places.