Recycled Metal Robots

Great! I just arrived Manila! Security officers stationed at the immigration section of the Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam had to pull me aside for an extra luggage screening and note down my passport details due to items found on my bags which were said to be dangerous. I was alarmed! 

They had to tag the robots made of recycled metal in my hand-carry luggage as dangerous items because the robots had swords and weapons deemed too sharp to carry inside the airplane. It was the second time I have been put in the same situation. The first time was with my camera tripod. Now, it’s the souvenir I got.

Out of embarrassment seeing fellow Filipino passengers passing the area where I was, I told the officers that I am okay to just leaving the items or throwing them away. I told them that I just thought of buying the metal robots made or recycled materials because they showcase Vietnam’s creativity and resourcefulness.

After doing some sweet talks coupled with the fact that I was in a formal business attire with matching coat and tie, I was allowed to pass through. They have seen all the stamps in my passport and all the visa stickers proving that I am indeed a frequent business traveller and not a terrorist.

As soon as I got inside the boarding area, I sent SMS to my wife, parents and siblings because the officer told me that they got my passport detail so that if something happens with the flight where I am in, I will be the prime suspect. It sounds a little funny but I got so worried. What if I be tagged as a terrorist if something happens?

Well, who knows what else can happen. Worse is that I can be blamed for something and I am not anymore around to defend my name. Hahaha. So even to the very last minute, I had to think of my name and my reputation more than my safety. Anyway, it’s not just for me but for my son who is carrying my name as well!

So now I am home – safe and about to relax my wife and son. Next time, I will have to use my allowance for checked-in luggage in case I get to bring home some “pasalubongs” so as to avoid all the hassles. The good thing this is that SGN is indeed secured and that the security officers were indeed doing their job.

Anyway, this is just one of the many adventures I get to have as a traveller. Overall, the experience is always fun and memorable. Besides, I had to enjoy the comfort of the lounge and pig out with the free food and drinks plus free internet after being searched. Hahaha! More so, I am home now – safe and sound!