BlackBerry Torch 9800

I just decided to switch from Apple’s iPhone 3GS to a less famed BlackBerry Torch 9800. What for?  Well, it’s more about work this time rather than curiosity and fondness to new gadgets. It’s a business phone.

I want to be able to reply to all my company emails 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in the fastest possible means. I do not want to carry with me always my laptop just so I could check for emails.

IMG_0764More so, I want to have the mobility and freedom amidst busy work schedule. I want to be able to reply to all communication the fastest that I could yet I want to spend more time with my family too. Well, I travel a lot so having the facility to communicate is vital. Hopefully, my new phone will do the job.

So far, I got all the accessories that I could find so I am so much satisfied with the decision that I have made. I got everything that I will be needing! I got an extra battery for long travels, a docking station, an intuitive headset, USB cable, a leather holster and a screen protector.

BlackBerry Torch 9800The only thing that I will be missing for sure with the switch is that once I get to do Enterprise Activation, my phone will be locked out. I will not be able to install any optional applications and I will be limited to reading and writing emails only. I will have my company calendar and notes but I will not be able to use it as a fully functional smartphone. That’s the downside though.

Nonetheless, I have my new phone and my goal for getting it anyway is mainly because I wanted to work while being on the go. Thus, I should be fine with the limitations. Besides, it is a nice piece of technology though and I am so sure that it would work well with my purpose unless I get to start finding ways on how to get rid of the security restrictions. Hehehe!