Image from ©2007 Willowtree Gifts and Flower Boutique.  - www.willowtreegifts.net It’s 5PM. I just fetched my son from school! It’s not a huge effort though because the school is merely 100 steps or so from our residential building. Nonetheless, I had to wait for him for 90 minutes because his phone ran out of battery and he usually play before going to the area where parents are waiting. Just as I was about to decide to leave 10 minutes before 5PM thinking that he must have taken the school bus or that he went home by himself, he appeared. Thanks to my intuition. I waited further.

Come to think of it, I need not to fetch him. He has two options to go home safely. He could take the school bus that we are paying to take him to his mother’s office when I am outside the country or he could take walk alone and ask the security guards to take him to the other side of the street. As I mentioned, it would just take around 100 steps for him to walk from home to school and vice versa. He’s 10 years old but maybe because he’s our only child that we had to treat him so special.

2 more years and my son will soon be a teenager. Although I have been through the same stages in my life, I am not yet ready to accept that my son is not a baby anymore. I don’t know. I use to still hug my son so tight and chant some funny nursery rhymes that I composed myself for him since he was a toddler. I still carry him sometimes and do some baby talks. Well, he has grown bigger now and perhaps he resents when I try to kiss him a lot but he’s still my baby and he will always be!