Image from ©2007 Willowtree Gifts and Flower Boutique.  - www.willowtreegifts.netIt’s 2011 already! My family and I just closed 2010 with great gratitude and appreciation since most of our targets if not all were met with great success.

Now, it’s New Year once again and we have a huge box in front of us. It may be empty for some. Thus challenge is to use 2011 to fill it up with good things.

Some may have a box filled yet they too may be uncertain of what is really inside. So the challenge is to prepare for changes and challenges. 

For me, each year is like a box. We really do not know if there is something inside for us or if there is none at all. We can never know what’s in it until we pass the point of opening it up. Thus, we are called to embrace the future and succeed…

… no matter what’s inside the box.

Well, that’s the real challenge of a New Year! Cheers!