I just turned 31 now and I am 3,888 miles away from home. It’s my birthday and I am in Sydney awaiting my flight bound for Manila before lunch time.

This has been my second time to spend my special day way too far away from home. The first time was in 2007 when I turned 27 in Denmark. Today, I just turned 31 in Australia!

It’s funny. I still have 4 more years from now to enjoy being part of the “youth” before I get to prepare myself onto being tagged as an “old” geek! Well, I just got a year older today twice in two timezones! Isn’t it amazing to have celebrated your birthday twice?

Thanks to my friend Madonis and his wife Faye along with my classmate and friend Jayvee, her sister-in-law Jean plus Erick and Chi along with their 2 kids for celebrating with me. It was almost next to being home. It was touching! My friends really did a job well done in cheering me up ! 

I was starting to feel homesick already not being able to be with my wife and son until I got an SMS from them. Being too far away from your family on a special occasion is quite hard. Now, I am looking forward to being home in Manila by 4PM today and celebrate my day along with the two most important persons in my life – Rush and Rap!