I grew up not liking the idea of visiting the dentist. Well, we use to go to the clinic for tooth extraction so the experience was almost and always traumatic. Thus, I grew up not wanting to even step inside a dental clinic not until I was older and started losing my teeth that I saw the urgent need for a visit. I even had this fieldwork 6 years ago in Cebu where I had to look for a dentist in the night time because I wanted to have a tooth extracted due to extreme pain! Well, I found one but he got the wrong tooth!

ToothacheWell, if not for the aesthetics and the discomfort of having toothache, I would not even mind having my teeth checked. Nowadays, I get to visit the dentist almost once a month because of the need! Guess what! I even had a single tooth treated thrice or even four times now in a span of only 3 months!

This week should be another shot for my dentist, Dr. Lei Antoine Vilano of San Buena Dental Care in Cityland Shaw Tower after my recent visit last October 15, 2010. I am hoping that after this, I could get less treatment which would indicate that I have less trouble with my teeth and that I am dentally healthy!

Anyway, it was my wife who took me there almost a year ago. She and my son are both happy patients of the said dental clinic under Dr. Diorella Lu San Buenaventura – Santos or Dr. Dior for short. The clinic is located at the same building where we live so it was a good choice for us plus the good quality of dental service we get! No wonder why they are always fully-booked! But maybe because there are lots of people like me who do not know how to take care of their teeth!

Tooth DecayAs for my case, the entire temporary filling fell off 15 days after my tooth was restored and I was in China that day on a meeting. I was talking with managers when I felt some bits and pieces of tooth filling in my mouth. Suddenly, I had to find an excuse to pause and get rid of the chunks of white sand-like filling in my mouth. Soon I started talking less in the meeting. I could not even smile on the camera after the launching event. I could not even eat nor drink. It was really painful!

When the dental filling fell off, it must have exposed the root that made it even sensitive and painful. From that point, I have to start believing that mind over matter works indeed. I have to concentrate harder to pretend not feeling any pain at all when in fact, I am almost dizzy fighting off the pain! Even as I write this now, I feel like crying. Blame my childhood laziness for not taking care of my teeth! Tsk!

NurofenThis morning, I took 2 tablets of Nurofen (200mg) thinking that the pain would go away. I am thinking of taking Comparol (500mg) which I have taken during my trip in Australia where I had the same problem with the same tooth. Way back then, it was worse because the tooth filling was not leveled well so it grinds with another tooth that adds up to the intensity of the pain. I was too far away from my dentist too!

While feeling dizzy, I have thought of biting the pain away with a pillow. I even tried pushing the tooth inwards and outwards almost removing it from its socket. At one point, I wanted to get a pair of pliers and just remove the tooth myself. It’s really painful. I have a high tolerance for pain and at some point I may say that I am addicted to pain but I could not claim the same this time. I hate toothache!

So now I have taken two more tablets, I feel less pain but weightless. It seems that the world is a little bit spinning right now. I just went downstairs to my dentist’s clinic but she could only schedule me for tomorrow so I have to endure 24 hours more of excruciating pain plus my slow addiction to painkillers! So now, I am blogging as a diversion so my mind can focus away from the pain… somehow! Ouch!