Facebook Status

Last night as I was scanning for updates with my friends over Facebook, I noticed this particular shout expressing frustrations about her current situation and about her life in general. I paused for awhile and tried checking her wall of other clue why such a jolly person would post such a shout. I found nothing.

Well, maybe it’s just the usual venting over a social network site but I thought of replying because I wanted to cheer her up. Normally, we find entertainment in checking rumors and updates with our friends over Facebook but for me, I find it a chance to help, motivate and cheer-up people. So I posted…



My words may be too generic and obvious but I am hoping that the two posts above would be able to cheer her up. I write this because I am hoping as well that instead of finding cheer and fun out of other people’s shouts, we need to somehow put back cheer to these people’s faces by replying back with motivational thoughts.

That is why we call Facebook a “Social Networking Site” because aside from entertainment, we need to reach out and network with people coupled with our social responsibility to put people back to their knees and continue the struggle to a better life and a better world. We all have the responsibility to cheer people up!

Helping HandI need not to elaborate what I have written on the two posts above because both are self-explanatory but I want to stress that having to cheer other people makes surfing more rewarding because you are able to put worth to the little task that you are doing. No matter how petty Facebook can be, use it to cheer one’s mind!