Father & Son

Farewell Uncle Oscar. Now you are with your own dad, Ingkung Eti and also with God, our Father. It is a tragic day for us to hear about the news this morning. You left too soon that I never even had the time to check with you after the election. We were all too focused as well with your younger brother, Uncle Fort because it was his first time to try politics while you’re a veteran.

I never even got the chance to ask you about your political beliefs nor stands on some social issues. Both of us were too busy that we never even had the time to talk. Actually, you tried talking with me 2 weeks ago during my visit but I was too eager to check Kuya Allan’s house instead and you had to go to Clark to buy some goods for your campaign. I was not able to contribute anything though but you know that you got my support, respect and love being your nephew.

Now that you are with God and with Ingkung Eti in heaven plus my Ingkung Dado and my father-in-law, Papa Nelson, I know that we have more guardian angels now who will be guarding, guiding and watching over us. It is a sad day for the family that you passed away too soon and almost 4 days after Ingkung Eti’s 10th Death Anniversary. You left too soon for All Saint’s Day where we all are gathered at Ingkung Eti’s Tomb doing a semi-reunion. You were gone too soon for my pamasko for Christmas!

It may be hard especially for your wife, Auntie Luning and your kids and grandkids but the entire family will be here for them. Do not worry. Eternal peace and happiness awaits you in heaven. You will never be alone as well because Ingkong Eti is there already. Our prayers will also make you feel near to us. I know that you may be physically gone but you will always remain in our hearts. Being the eldest and the big brother of our clan, I know that you will always watch us over.

You will be fine in heaven now. You need not wear your gloves anymore nor your pair of eye glasses. You will be complete up there! You need not worry about your health nor aging. You will be young and strong up there. Now you need not to wake up 2AM in the morning just to start working. You have worked so hard in your lifetime that now God will take care of you. There, you will not just be Kagawad Oca but you will even be Kapitan Oca or better… Mayor Oca!

Thank you Uncle Oscar!