To be driven by a vision is far better than being driven by ambition. Some individuals who would rather live pushing themselves to the limits just to reach a certain level in their respective careers often find themselves unsatisfied because they would always want to go higher once they reach their goal.

As a result, they tend to lose themselves more in pursuit of their ambitions than gain something for self-advancement. Normally, people would even sacrifice what is more important in their lives because they are blinded by a path that offers no direction or even an finish line.

No DirectionOn the other hand, some people would focus on a more general target which is more or less adhering to a vision of self improvement. But then again, the line between ambition and a vision is so thin at times that confusion is inevitable. Often, what is really essential to achieve things in life is invisible to the eye.

One may dream about financial stability to secure his family’s future which is general. It could be a summation of ambitions but all efforts should lead to one target which is to provide a better future for your loved ones where nothing should be compromise especially your family which are supposed to be the recipient of your hard work.

I see this far better than dreaming about becoming a manager because you want to show the world that you can do it.  Often, you will sacrifice most of your family time to work only to find out that you have missed the part where you should be a parent or a spouse or even a sibling. You may win the post but you will lose more.

Success be it based on one’s career or perhaps on a personal feat like climbing the highest peak in the world will never be as special as having it done for your loved ones. Having a huge bank account will not even warrant happiness if you do not have someone to share your blessings with.

Thus, we all should be driven by a vision of becoming a better person in a better world living with a better live with loved ones. We may have specific ambitions in life to reach certain level of prestige and achievement but I think that we should not let our ambition run or even ruin our lives. Just another two cents worth!