Facebook DangerIt’s a little weird that I have to write this but for the sake of adhering to the principle behind the name of this blog, speaking one’s mind is my only option right now.

I am okay with my wife but we were in a petty quarrel days ago because of Facebook and all those petty status messages and shouts. It’s kid’s stuff actually!

As a result, I could not anymore view her profile or anything on her Facebook page. I think she either removed me as her friend or she blocked me off access. Tsk. This is the first time for us to have such an LQ (love quarrel) that extends all the way to the web. Hahaha. It may not be that serious but it is quite annoying.

Delete FB FriendsWell, funny thing is that although we are okay and we are at peace right now, having the thought of not seeing her wall or her page until now is quite hard for me to handle.

Imagine how attached we all are right now to social networks. It affects us socially, emotionally and mentally. A simple shout can always be too powerful.

Imagine Facebook becoming a part of our daily routine where one gets to check messages and friends’ updates from waking up to the very last minute before one gets to sleep. Even at work, people gets to find ways and means to check their pages. Nowadays, people even reply faster in Facebook than on emails or SMS! 

Facebook is powerful indeed. I have heard friends turning enemies because of social networking sites. I have read news articles about couples separating and going on divorce due to Facebook. Worse, there are even crimes committed and lives lost due to the ill-effects of social networking and the irresponsible use of such technology.

Now, I find it hard to invite my wife to be my Facebook friend again nor beg for her to allow me to view her page once again. It must be pride or ego but I rather not do it. Besides, it’s just a social networking site! But then again, it really affects me whenever someone would drop you out as friend or block you off on their pages.

Anyway, I am just trying to speak what’s inside my mind right now. I have tweeted about this days ago but perhaps, I am still hoping that she might reconsider. I am still hoping that perhaps she’ll be able to read this blog article and maybe… just maybe we could be friends once again… on Facebook. 🙂