Below are photos of the places that I have been to and sites that I will be going to as covered in my tour of duty. It is amazing how blessed I am for having such a wonderful job that gives me the opportunity to see and learn other cultures while being exposed to global projects and skill sets.

Though it is not all fun all the time, I am still happy with all the consolations associated with my work – from travels to being able to interact with different people of all levels and cultures. So far, I am still able to manage my time and perform my function at my own pace but I know that soon I will be more busy than a bee.

Anyway, I have been motivating myself constantly to improve and to keep on doing good at my profession. Thus, I thought of collecting photos of places that I have been to in the past and those that I will be going to in the days to come just to condition myself to keep on looking forward with great enthusiasm and satisfaction.

Adelaide AustraliaBeijing WuxiSuzhou ShanghaiHong Kong ThailandDenmark GermanyDubai FinlandIndia IndonesiaJapan Korea Malaysia SingaporeTaiwanVietnamMexico New ZealandNorway LondonAmsterdam Philippines

Side Trips 

New York Las Vegas California Los AngelesBelgium Italy France RomePortugal Spain

Photos: Wikipedia