Finally, after having to wait for quite awhile trying to have SKYBROADBAND back at home, I am now enjoying real broadband! Thanks to SKYBROADBAND! Now, I have a reliable and fast internet for home and work use less the hassle of being disconnected every hour as what I have experienced with GLOBE BROADBAND for years!

I have still retained my 2Mbps GLOBE BROADBAND but only for my WIFI connection at home just to keep our mobile phones and laptops connected. Besides, I have to use it just to put worth on the money I have been paying for the past 5 years with GLOBE. It is also useful and wise to have a backup connection especially for a person like me. Who knows that I may have the same issues with SKYBROADBAND someday!

My work requires that I have a round-the-clock connectivity both mobile via phone and via web. When not in foreign business trips, I am working from home collaborating with my colleagues all the way from Europe, America and Asia. Thus, it is vital that I have a very good internet subscription. It’s a must!

So far, I have been monitoring my speed hourly just to ensure that the promised of 12Mbps bandwidth is delivered. I was not impressed last night as I was just having 7-8Mbps but I was happy this morning to have 17Mbps via SPEEDTEST.NET which is fast for Manila yet not that fast compared to South Korea’s 30Mbps average rate!

I have to work for now. I have no more reason not to join video conferences since I have a faster connectivity now. I just need to make sure that I stay focused and be not tempted to video streams or downloads. With such speed, it’s hard not to be hooked onto downloading cool stuffs online. Hehehe. Thanks to SKYBROADBAND!