I was watching ABS-CBN’s morning show entitled UMAGANG KAY GANDA and I cannot help but share my opinion regarding the topic that Anthony Taberna covered in his Punto Por Punto segment. Should the market vendors be required to issue receipts on sale from P25 up and be taxed accordingly? Well, my instant answer to this is definitely YES!

Palengke_-_Danao_City_01_by_HulagwayWell, I believe that everyone should be taxed. That is mandated by the law even when you register your business at DTI and BIR! Note that before a business is registered fully, the BIR issues a sticker that instruct customers to ASK FOR OFFICIAL RECEIPT in a huge sticker. Thus, I think that this is not new to us all. Being citizens of the country, it’s our obligation to pay tax right!

Nonetheless, the market vendors earning less than the stated minimum income per year should not be bothered at all because the law should be fair towards them. We  have several tax exemption and programs aimed at making things easier and fair for small businesses. But then again, every individual whether a businessman or not should be taxed the same as the rest of the citizenry.

For me, it is a good step in making sure that everyone gives what is due for the country. My only concern is that instead of focusing more on the market vendors, the government should focus on the market traders who supply the vendors. The BIR should focus on catching the big fishes more known for tax evasion than the small-time market vendors.

Villarica PawnshopImagine how many big businesses both foreign and locals who were granted tax holidays for investing in the country. We could have collected tax money from these profitable businesses if only our laws were efficient and fair on granting tax holidays. Imagine all the big-time smugglers teaming with local government officials feasting on dues that were not paid right.

I think that one more thing that could boost tax collection is by BIR itself cleaning its own backyard. I know a story of a young lady who got a job at BIR in the province and in just a year or two, she was able to acquire a house and lot of her own along with am expensive car and huge bank account. I wonder why most BIR employees get rich easily that other government workers?

judy-ann-birMy folks worked for the government for decades so I know that the income derived should not be that much especially for those whose tenure are less than 3 years only. I know an accountant in our neighborhood who became rich auditing and preparing financial statements for big firms in our locality. I wonder how filing Income Tax Returns for clients can be a lucrative job.

Aside from the above-mentioned, we have our local government officials and even the congressmen and senators who entered the political arena with on a single family car and a humble home but  are able to acquire mansions, expensive cars and travel around the globe after their term. Are they audited well? Are they diligently paying their taxes too?

Cars in CongressMaybe, we can improve revenue collection if we tax everyone fairly aside from the fact that the leaders of this nation should take the lead and be good examples to us. The government should also start saving! We worked so hard to pay our taxes right not just to pay almost a million pesos in monthly compensation package for  the GSIS head. It’s not fair!

We do not pay taxes from our hard earned money just to give our mayors, congressmen and senators a lucrative life. Should each of them really need to ride on expensive SUVs with 2-10 convoys of cars and bodyguards daily? Why can we not issue them a standard government vehicle with a standard red plate number and a huge sticker that says: FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY?

If you want to see the latest, most expensive and powerful vehicles available in the market, you should try visiting the parking area of the House of Representatives as what Jaileen F. Jimeno did in 2007 in her 2 articles dated February 9, 2007 and February 21, 2007 in The Daily PCIJ entitled CARS IN CONGRESS and CARS IN CONGRESS – 2.

congress-vehiclesNote that the articles and pictures were written and taken way back 2007! We have more expensive cars with price tags ranging from P2 million to P8 million these days. Nowadays, we have congressmen riding on more expensive SUVs from Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Porsche, Ford, Chevrolet and Range Rover. It seems that the Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Safari are just but ordinary vehicles now for most local officials in the Philippines. Wow! What a lucrative job indeed!

Anyway, taxing the small-time market vendors is just and lawful but I do hope that alongside with this effort comes a bigger drive to catch big fishes and tax evaders. I pray as well that should everyone pay their taxes right, the government should learn how to spend the tax money we pay right and efficiently. We are not working just to feed congressmen steaks and caviar daily!

Just my two cents!