LG Washer 2 Finally! The LG washer and dryer just arrived! Thanks to Anson’s Appliance Center for the timely delivery! I have a wedding to attend at 4PM! Perfect!

As soon as the huge box was taken inside the house, I immediately started unpacking it to check if the appliance is in free from dents. Perfect!

My next move was to get a ruler, measure it against the laundry room’s door. Done! The washer’s width is just the same as the door’s! Not perfect!

LG Washer 1This means that either I remove the front panel of the washer which is not good or I remove the door itself! Both are not good options! Bad!

So now, I am faced with a dilemma of what to do with the washer! Will I sell it instead? Will I place it at the living room and remove the TV? Hahaha!

Maybe this is a sign! Perhaps, I it’s time to buy a bigger house. Hmmm. I wonder what my horoscope has to say about this! Hehehe! Perfect!