As I was trying to register for a my.SSS account at so I can view my contributions to the Philippine Social Security System, I came across a “What’s New” page promoting a yet another government ID called UMID Card.

The UMID Card which stands for Unified Multi-Purpose Identification Card is similar to the proposed and opposed National ID System combining ID cards for SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth and Pag-Ibig. For me, it’s good to have a single ID for all. 

So I copied the ad and blogged about it since I am sure that most people would want to have this card to make their wallets thinner as it reduces the number of ID cards once has to bring for government transactions. More so, the UMID card is FREE!

Since we need to make use of the amount we pay to the government in the form of taxes and social security contributions, we need to avail of this UMID Card. Otherwise, the fund for this Id project will just go elsewhere! Sayang!

So get your FREE UMID CARD now at your nearest SSS branches nationwide!