Work If killing time is indeed a crime, I am definitely sure that I am a Public Enemy No. 1 by now. The past few weeks has been so idle for me. Although I am the type of guy who can keep myself busy all the time, I feel that I needed to have more challenges and action with my current profession.

This statement is not in anyway affecting my high satisfaction with my job but it affects my goal of maximizing my capabilities as an individual. Perhaps, I need to wait for the right time. I still have a few weeks before I get to travel from one place after another. I need to fight boredom.

Having been busy for the past 13 years engaging in multiple projects and income-generating ventures, I got used to having my plate full all the time. Even in the busiest of all the days that I have had, I have never failed to deliver and I have never complained about carrying extra load.

I am always full of enthusiasm in every endeavor that I have engaged with. I have met several uncertainties in life but I have survived every one of them with pride and glory all because of my strong commitment to fulfill my mandate as a person – to provide, deliver and enable.

I will wait. I will keep myself busy. I will muster my capabilities while awaiting each opportunity that comes along. I will use my idle time in discovering myself and what I can do more. I will my time to reach out to the world that I have much to offer. I will not kill time. I will wait.

Patience is a virtue!