Ansons Applicance Center

Yesterday, after failing to see a doctor for a consultation, my wife and I along with my son decided to go to Ansons Appliance Center along San Miguel Avenue fronting The Podium. My wife has long been wanting to buy a new washing machine… for me! Hehehe. Well, I think that would make my life during Friday a lot easier!

Panasonic Washer Our 5-year old 6.5 top-load washing machine from Panasonic is almost for replacement. The timer is almost failing due to frequent use considering its age. More so, we have had housemaids who basically used our appliances for practice so that adds up to the wear-tear factor. We got our old washing machine at Abenson in SM North Edsa when we were still living in Quezon City.

It was among the cheapest at that time but it did a lot of good service to our household. I could still imagine the time when we bought it. The free delivery would take a week although we were just a few steps away from the mall. Thus, I had to carry it all the way home out of excitement. My wife and I just started earning decently way back so such small purchases were quite big time already to us.

IMG_1890My wife has already made her research online so she went directly to the Whirlpool section to see the 7.5 kg Automatic Front Load Washer – AWO 45638 at P32,990. It was expensive but based on Whirlpool’s brand name, it should be the best in its league in terms of quality and my wife wanted to buy it.

Suddenly, an employee assigned at the LG section came to us. The person assigned to the Whirlpool area was not around so we have no one to ask for some specific technical information about the product. Thus, we talked to the LG guy until he led us to check some of the LG washing machines that matches Whirlpool’s.

The LG guy showed us a 6.5 kg LG Front Load Washer, the LG WD-8068QD which is quite cheaper at P29,995 but 1kg short of capacity. The bigger 7.0 kg model, LG WD-1022QD at P36,995 which is the nearest match for Whirlpool’s AWO 45638 is out of stock so we weren’t able to compare. The 8.0 kg LG WD-1203TD is priced at P49,995 and the LG WD-1403RD 9.0 kg washer with dryer is at P59,995.

Anyway, the LG guy did a good sales pitch! LG seems to be a good choice! Besides, we have a 10.3 cu.ft. LG ref (GR-S392QLC) and an LG microwave oven – MS-194W that has been of good service to us for almost 4 years now. Too bad that I have a JVC television set! I should start saving for an LG Infinia LED 3D TV! Hehehe. Kidding aside, it seems that we have already made up our mind! We’re going for the LG!

Direct Drive Motor

Among the two washers, LG uses inverter Direct Drive motor compared to Whirlpool’s conventional motor that uses a rubber belt to drive the drum. Thus, it’s durable with fewer moving parts. This means less breakdown or brush and belt replacement. LG inverter DD has increased stability and minimal vibration so it guarantee a pleasant wash. It also offers an A+ energy rating which uses 25% less energy.

IMG_1891After hearing a lot from the LG guy and after reading the thick product presentation kit that they have, my wife and I faced a tough decision on which product to purchase. Thus, we decided to just give it another day for research and headed instead to the cinema at the nearby mall to watch a movie.

As of writing, my wife has already made up her decision. After reading so many reviews and forums on the web along with some side by side product comparison, she is getting an LG Front Load Washer! Aside from the price, LG is now making a name for quality products as guaranteed by the 10-year warranty that it offers!

As for Whirlpool, it is a good brand for me. I always buy the expensive brands on the premise that if it has a good name, the quality should follow. Nonetheless, Whirlpool is also new in the Front Load Washers. It has made a name with Top Load Washers though for so many years but still, the reviews from people would speak more.

LG WarrantyWhirlpool washers are said to be prone to rusting far more than its counterparts. Suds are not removed properly too. Since it uses a conventional motor that uses a rubber belt to drive the drum, it has more noise and vibration. The belt itself is also expensive to replace. Worse is that Whirlpool has poor customer service.

We have a Whirlpool 10.5 kg Top Load Washer and a 10.5 kg Dryer at my parents’ place in the former Subic Naval Base and I think that the reviews are quite correct with regards to the rusting and vibration issues. Aside from this, the cost for repair is said to be too expensive.

So far, we have obtained a long list of features to compare and some positive and negative comments on both. Nonetheless, my wife has already made up her choice and she will be getting an LG Front Load Washer today. Laundry ManAlthough, I still want to get the Whirlpool because of its brand, my wife makes the decision for this one.

Besides, I cannot be so choosy! I am just responsible for doing the weekly laundry. No more and no less! Thus, I should be thankful soon that I will have a new washer to make my life a little easier during Fridays! Soon, I will have less time and less effort doing all the manual rinse just to make sure that clothes are washed well. Thanks to my wife and to LG! Hehehe. Labadami!!! Labango!!!

Just an update! My wife and I were not able to decide which washer to buy since my son insisted that he wanted the bigger and more expensive LG WD-1403RD 9.0 kg Front Load Washer with Dryer at P59,995. Rap did a good job in selling us the idea! He was also the one who made the decision actually! Inception? Hehehe!

imageHe was complaining about odor with clothes not being dried well especially during rainy days. But then again, the price was almost double of what we planned to buy. It was like getting a Whirlpool washer though it was the most advanced among LG washers! Top of the line as the say! Well, we need to buy something anyhow!

After doing a quick check on our mobile phones for reviews and comparison, we finally decided to just get what my son recommended! We bought a black 9.0 kg front load washer with dryer along with a free umbrella and a pack of medicines from United Laboratories! Now, it’s time to start saving once again! :-)