IMG_1865Ouch! It’s bad indeed! I am having severe headaches lately almost in a daily basis since I hit my head hard by accident with a rollup bar inside HSBC at the Enterprise Centre in Makati City. It was a bad day indeed! The lights were turned off as it was almost closing time at 4PM. It was Friday and it seems that people were all rushing to end the week. There were only a few of us bank clients remaining inside. Once done with my transaction, I hurriedly exited the bank only to hit a metal base of a rollup gate rolled down perfectly at my forehead’s height in the middle of the dark lobby inside the bank near the ATM area just 10 feet away from the bank’s main entrance. Don’t get me wrong! I was still inside the bank!

Who would have known that a bank with a thick glass entrance door inside a secured building has a secondary or maybe third rollup gate inside separating the teller’s area and the rows of ATMs and payment machines? Some may blame me for being careless or tag stupidity as the sole cause but for me, HSBC is at fault! I believe that the bank is responsible and liable for whatever happens inside its premises given the fact that they have turned the lights off and rolled down the bar wrongly just at the level where someone could hit his head by chance. With this, I was a victim of HSBC’s negligence to occupational safety!

IMG_1864To make matters worse, the security personnel and some bank employees at that time even laugh at my misfortune. I could not forget the scene where I hit my head so hard then heard them all laughing so loud as I almost fell down with a huge bump on my forehead. None of them even offered help nor asked me if I was okay. The guards were too busy guarding the ATM machines being maintained that they did not even bother to offer first aid. One guard even told me with sarcasm and grin in his face, “Hindi mo ba tinitingnan ang nilalakaran mo?”. I just said to myself, “Wow! Grabe!”.

Having been hit so hard in the forehead, I was too dizzy to argue with them but I told them that they should have atleast lowered the rollup bar safely at knee-high so it could have been visible to people. More so, they could have painted the base of the bar yellow so it could have served as warning to clients. I even had to point out that they should have not turned off the lights knowing that there are still clients inside and with the rollup bar lowered, they could have killed someone!

IMG_1866What if I hit my nose or perhaps my eyes directly? What if I walked faster or run? I could have wounded my head! To my disappointment, I wrote the building administrator and even the management of HSBC a complaint letter in reference to Premises Liability Law and Occupational Safety & Health Act. Most emails bounced back so I used the messaging function of my HSBC Online Banking. Almost after a week, I got an SMS from a certain VP for Branch of HSBC apologizing.

Well, I was on a weekend holiday that time so I could not meet the said bank official but I have replied to her via SMS expressing my disappointment over the bank’s personnel. After that week, I had to go on a business trip to  China so I never had the chance to meet her. She never called me back either. I never had the time during the incident to seek medical attention because I reached Megaclinic past 7PM with the lab closed. After almost a month since June 4, 2010, I decided to see a doctor.

On July 4, 2010, I consulted a doctor at the Delos Santos – STI Megaclinic at SM Megamall. The Neurologist was away so I was referred instead to an Internal Medicine expert. I did not bother going to bigger clinics and hospitals because I cannot afford to wait. My head aches alot that time! I mentioned to the lady doctor that since I hit my head so hard, I started suffering from mild to severe headache almost in a daily basis. I also find it hard to concentrate or focus on whatever I am doing. When I was abroad, I had a hard time crossing the streets and walking on crowded places as I feel a little confused. It seems that something is not normal.

IMG_1867Well, after the incident, I googled for possible effects of the head injury and perhaps I was too worried and nervous that I get to feel every symptom I read. I believe that most of what I felt were psychological effects of what I have been reading on the internet about head injuries but with the headaches, I had to see a doctor. I was so worried since my most important tool of the trade is my head. What if I start forgetting things? What will I do? 

So, I got a CT-SCAN with my head as prescribed by the lady doctor and took the chance to take other medical tests to complete the requirements  with my healthcare provider so I got CBC, FBS, Total Cholesterol, Chest X-Ray and ECG. After 2-3 days of waiting, I finally got the results and all of them are negative to any illness or disorder except that with my CT-SCAN where it was noted that I have some sort of mucosal lining on my right brain which is more likely a sign of sinusitis.

I’m happy that the results were good. But then again, I was able to consult with the doctor for the results only via SMS as we left for a weekend in Davao City that time. So now, I have to visit the doctor again to ensure that the results are interpreted well and that I get the right prescriptions on how to get rid of the sinusitis. I have spent quite a lot but I don’t intend to call HSBC for reimbursement. They might think I am trying to use my injury to solicit money. Nonetheless, I might still sue them! 🙂