Having my blog offline for almost 19 days since my trip in China has somehow led me divert my addiction to writing through wall posts on my Facebook page. Being away from home and feeling homesick already, I thought of writing short 5-liner posts about my son using typical scenarios of fatherhood and humor at home.

It was hard for me to write short since brevity and conciseness are two things I am not so good at. I write long essays and articles because I think a lot and I love to talk a lot about what I think about. I am addicted to measurement so I have decided to use 5 lines per posts and often I had to remove good words just to suit this.

I have always been proud of being a father especially to my loving and witty son that often I write articles about it. Amidst all the pressure at work, I am able to relieve myself from all the stress whenever I get to reach home and start exchanging jokes with my child. Humor plays a vital role in my relationship with him.

Perhaps it is true that fatherhood is a big responsibility and it is not that easy to perform all the roles that comes with the title. Well, I have a different thought about it. More than the heavy load of being a father comes all the perks like the joy of being called a dad, dada, daddy or papa and the fun that comes along with it.

Anyway, I just thought I should share some excerpts from my wall just for the fun of it. Cheers!