Anak ng Jueteng!!! 

I believe that Jueteng is the key to solving poverty in this country amidst all the protests and oppositions against this number game. Jueteng feeds a lot of people especially the poor and even the rich and influential alike.

It is a lucrative business that offers regular employment to kabos, kubradors, protectors and their cohorts. It gives hope to those who desperately needs quick money but has nothing but luck in their hands and some numbers. 

Jueteng is a way of life to many whose faith to the government has died already due to undelivered services. To those who worked so hard only to remain poor for a lifetime, Jueteng is indeed a new hope.

Jueteng promotes peace and harmony. It unites gamblers, racketeers and public officials better than any People Power combined. Who says that gambling is not good for a nation’s progress? Look at Macau now? Jueteng is for growth and progress! 

An excerpt from a Jueteng Lord’s Speech. Bow!