May 10, 2010. 2:32PM. It was too hot for a day. It’s my 3rd day after arriving home from Europe. I was excited amidst all the negative press released about the national election. Anyway, It took me and my wife almost 5 minutes from arriving at La Salle Green Hills, casting our votes and feeding the PCOS machine with our respective ballots to leaving for home. At last, I was able to exercise my rights as a citizen of the Philippines. I am a first-time voter and I am Voter #323 as per PCOS machine! 

As I was marking the names of my candidates, I was closing my eyes to pray and hope that I was indeed making the right choices. Some may say that it is the popular choice but for me, I have chosen my candidates based on who I believe has the biggest and genuine heart for the job. I voted for my bet for President because I believe that he has no other intention and motive but to continue the fight that people before him started for a better Philippines. I also did the same for my Vice President because loyalty for me is a good value along with performance. I hate jumpers.

Although I would have chosen other equally-competent and qualified candidates, I think that voting the right person who has the full support of the people is essential because progress is feasible if you can pool the cooperation of the nation. Both are intelligent and with outstanding track records but I think that time is not yet there for some. Perhaps, they will get their shot in the future. Nonetheless, the government can use great minds anyway. I know that today will mark a big difference in our politics. I am looking forward to all the positive changes of what has just transpired.

After having to vote first-time, I may say that I am now a Certified Filipino. More than a religious taxpayer and a loyal citizen to this land, I am a registered voter and I have just voted! I believe that I have the right to speak about my country and about this government because I have done my part with all my heart and I have not abandoned my homeland. I came home all the way from Europe timing my return for the election because this election is important to me and it is important for my family’s future. Why?

Because… I am a Filipino!