Wok with Ryan March 15, 2010. I am walking tired, alone and cold right now after having a nice dinner party with my colleagues at Per’s house. I cooked almost 5 Filipino dishes in 2 hours – Pork Nilaga, Pork Menudo, Beef Caldereta, Chicken Adobo and Chopsuey. I am happy though.

It was a lot of kitchen work! I had to do it all by myself but when I was almost done with 3 dishes and noticed people waiting, I tried to get help from Tine. At one point, I was taken out of the kitchen to receive gifts from them – a Lego toy, candies and a card! Thanks!

Well, it’s my first time to cook in big proportion as I used to cook only at home for my wife and son with 1-2 dishes maximum. I only knew a few easy-to-cook dishes so I was not able to showcase the best of the Philippines yet I think it was a success.

Well, I got some praises afterwards so I think they appreciate the fact that we have good tasting dishes! I told them that what makes the food delicious is not just the spices but the “love” and “passion”you have while cooking. It works!

I started 4:30PM after work and ended up almost 6:30PM cooking everything under pressure. Dinner was served at 7:00PM for 8 people including me and some for Per’s family. I was too happy and proud that everything tasted well though rushed.

By the time that we were all done with the small feast, it was almost 10:00PM. Everyone headed to their cars and started saying goodbyes. It was a good experience having to dine with all of them. I was the youngest by 10 years.

Anyway, not wanting to bother people to take me to my place, I let them all leave first and decided to head towards the train station by foot. That is where I started to feel all the fatigue and loneliness waiting for a train ride for 45 minutes.

Thus, I decided to speak my mind and blog instead using my phone. Cheers!