After my Windows OS crashed in my HP laptop over the past weekend, I had no way to make it run as I have no OS installer media awith me now an HP Recovery CD. I do not want to download one and install it without having the license. I blog using my small laptop so I wanted it so badly to work. Thus, I decided to put life back to it and use Fedora 12 instead which is free and faster to install.  It also runs both on a Live CD and can be installed locally with minimal system and storage requirement. It’s a practical choice!

I have been a Linux fanatic for almost 13 years now. I have been fascinated before with Red Hat,  Mandrake, Slackware, Gentoo, Ubuntu, SUSE and Mandriva that I had to buy an installer with 5-6 CDs on it at Virra Mall which is almost 2 hours away from home just for me to be able to do my own explorations. Downloading way back is not a viable option. We only had dial-up internet then and it would take a year perhaps to download a DVD-size installation file.

Well, I tried using my other company laptop to go to the Fedora Project’s official site and get the image I needed. I was able to get ithe installer file fast because I had a 4Mbps connection so all seem well. The only issue I had was that I had no CD-burning tool on my company laptop and I cannot install one. I had to hack the registry so I can get a little hole to install a tool. I had no rights to the drive as well so I had to do some registry tweak to grant full access to my profile. In due time, I have my Fedora 12 Live CD/DVD!

After almost 2 hours, I was able to have my laptop run Fedora 12. It was not as attractive as Windows 7 but it’s packed with alot of stuffs much like an iPhone! There were issues and bugs but since I was into Linux for quite sometime, I was able to fix most. I had to add a few lines such as “intel_iommu=off” plus “nomodeset” at bootup as well to be able to get into the logon screen fast.  Afterwards, I had to spend the entire day running updates using YUM and modifying some settings to optimized the system.

Right now, I feel like having everything in my hand. I have all the tools I needed from document creation, image processing, blogging tools, email client plus a project management software all for free. Now, I get to realize that if only companies can embrace open-source softwares for good and push Fedora 12 as the software solution for IT standardization, then all will be as easy as ABC! It will be alot cheaper too due to less licensing expenses. Well, I have more to share but for now, I have to reboot first for my new kernel upgrade!