Happy Birthday Tatang

April 6, 2010. Today is my father’s birthday. Unfortunately, I do not know how old he is. He must be 54 or 55 by now. Hehehe.

I must admit that I am not that good in noting birthdates of my parents and siblings including my grandparents and relatives.

Anyway, I wanted to post a picture of mine taken when I was 1 year old with my father carrying me but I could not find it so I decided to put Homer Simpsons instead.

As I have mentioned before in one of my blog article, we were almost like the Simpsons except that we were all better-looking and smarter! Hehehe.

Anyway, I hope my father gets to read this. He is not into internet surfing but my mother usually let him read some of my articles or check our photos over Facebook. My siblings and I along with my wife, son and nephew call him TATANG which means FATHER. It could have been a beer-bash if were home.

MacGyver I remember how amazed I am with his resourcefulness and quick-thinking. He is our family’s MacGyver from then until now. Put him in any situation and he will surely find a way out to fix things or provide atleast a workaround. He may not be perfect to most but for us, he is just the right father we needed that best suits us.

I still remember all our IMPROVISED ELECTRIC FANS made from old motors and dynamo plus some twisted iron sheets. We could not afford buying extra so he made two for me and my sister Rhea. Imagine all the fear of accidentally kicking it while asleep and the blade cutting your feet. Hahaha! He also improvised an air cooler!

Literally, he made our first house. Every time he would go home from abroad, he would bring faucets, shower rods, sink, etc. Even until now, 90 percent of our house was made by him. It may not be so perfect and at par with an architect’s perspective but every corner of our house is special because it’s my father’s handy work.

As I remember when we were young, our wall were not finished in the sense that we can get to play with the hollow blocks and cut some holes in them. My mother would then tell us that every hollow block that forms our house came from my father’s hardwork. True indeed!

Jackie Chan When I grew up, I was wondering why he has so many names used by his friends. Often, people would ask me if I am the son of Chickie or Tictac. Well, soon I knew why. He’s Chickie because he’s not just good-looking but he also has the charm yet he remains loyal to my mother until now. Hehehe. He looks like Jackie Chan too!

He is named Tictac by his friends because he is so good in practical things much like MacGyver. He can fix almost anything. Often, neighbors would call for my father whenever they want something fixed in their home. Tictac means overwhelming and great in our Pampango dialect. By the way, MacGyver’s name is Angus! Hehehe!

I am now 30 and my father should be 54 or 55. I know we do not talk much because I simply do not share the same sports or interest with him. I do not play basketball nor am I into golf. I am not so good at jokes too but I can sing well as my father and I drink a lot like him. I also have the same charm but I am loyal to my wife too.

My father cooks well. He express his love for us through cooking. Every time my wife and I along with my son and in-laws get to visit home in the province, he would cook all our favorite dishes as if we were having a feast. Almost every  weekend, he would cook a lot just to gather all his siblings, nephews, nieces and family at home.

Today is a special day for us but my sister Rhea and I cannot be home to celebrate. Thus, I will just get drunk after work to share with the celebration. Hehehe. If only I were home, I am sure that we could have had a big party with overflowing beer and pulutan as how we would celebrate his birthday. I’m sure he would be happier!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Tatang! We love you!